We explore your value.

Then we make it virtual.


Virtual Solutions & Events

Training and virtual event solutions allow you to more nimbly pivot your direction, content, and information or increase engagement and retention with your audience.


Compared to live events, virtual solutions can also:

  • Expand your reach

  • Sell more products

  • Capture more data

Work with us to create holistic, memorable experiences for your attendees. 

Here to stay.

Virtual solutions are needed now more than ever. While many companies have been early adopters of virtual technologies we are now seeing an increase in widespread, fully integrated approaches, using a wider variety of media and technology due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

While this online movement was forced sooner than expected, going virtual has many benefits and will continue long after the pandemic days.

Additionally, we've merged our talents with the expertise of Arcturus Event Solutions to bring you holistic, full-service virtual event solutions.


Arctus has been producing internal and consumer-facing events for nearly 20 years for fortune 500, small businesses and charities that span every sector.